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(K) Krüger – Advice & support & accompaniment
International lawyer, – and tax office
Financing & Insurance & IHK – Training
for Plot area, – and Facility manager

(P) Projects – Planning & Taxes & Project Development
Real Estate Projects
Company purchase – Share deal
Technical and economic DD (Due Diligence)

(M) Management – Project Management
Scheduling & Process Management & Quality Management
Facility Management & Financial Management & Contract Management
Corporate planning and Corporate governance

(V) Value administration – Letting & Lease
commercial and technical property management
Rental costing & utility bill
Accounting & Preparing for taxation

Founded in 2001 KPMV Immobilien & Consulting GmbH with a headquarter in Berlin, has exclusive customers on the international level and serves the consulting in the transaction-related issues and in the areas of real estate and corporate acquisitions.

The big advantage from KPMVto its customers lies in the fact that the customer becomes one communicating partner for all topics around of the real estate area: from the construction project to the project management as well as the property management.

KPMV takes care of the full implementation and accompanies with the network of project developers, brokers, sales representatives, lawyers, tax office and notaries.

KPMV takes care also of the due diligence and ensures its customers that the technical and economical documents match the requirements and conditions of the purchase intent.

KPMV also supports investors who are not based in Germany but are interested in the founding of a GmbH and takes care of their office and all preparation for the tax office.

The service of KPMV do not end with the purchase of the customers. KPMV also provides all necessary services for strategic and operational management. With over 30 years of professional experience in the project and real estate area as well as in the share deal area, KPMV is an competent specialist and partner for its customers.

KPMV does use its know-how in the best way for its customers in order to realize their projects with high income.

An international law and tax office round off the consulting and economic analysis of KPMV. Partners of the KPMV as well as in legal and tax matters can also draw on many years of experience.

A large number of international specialists inside and outside the company are at the disposal of customers of KPMV. Customers of KPMV know and value it as a safe partner. KPMV stands for highest discretion which are also guaranteed to its partners on the beginning of each individual business connection.

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Services of support, consultation and execution of KPMV summarized:

  • Consulting and support for the purchase of enterprises in Germany;
  • Mediation in legal, tax and economic matters;
  • Tax accounting, financial reporting in accordance with international standards;
  • Monthly tax reports;
  • Office and accounting services.
  • Consulting and support for the purchase of facilities in Germany;
  • Analysis of the location and evaluation of the economic and technical part of the project (DD);
  • Assistance in financial and locating part for the purchase of real estate objects in Germany;
  • Insurance of real estate objects in Germany.
  • Consulting and support in the development and implementation of projects for the construction of residential and commercial facilities in Germany;
  • Maintenance during the modernization of construction projects in Germany;
  • Maintenance during the construction of new real estate objects in Germany on all levels.
  • Realty management in Germany;
  • Rent and leasing of real estate in Germany;
  • Estimate of rent and income from leasing of real estate in Germany;
  • Maintenance and repair work of real estate in Germany.